Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Is Pooping on Santa Grounds for the Naughty List?

Yesterday we took our baby to go see Santa at the mall and when we got there the elf at Santa's reception desk said that Santa had no more appointments for that afternoon. When did you have to make an appointment for Santa?

One of my mom friends told me she was there the previous week and another mom told her that she had to pull her kids out of school so they could make their Santa appointment. WHAT!? Seriously!? It's Santa not the doctor. Plus, I'm pretty sure skipping school will put you on the naughty list for sure.

So today - Santa Round 2. We switched malls (to one of the wait-in-line kinds) and got onto that lap without a wait. We finally snapped this classy photo and my husband grabs our boy and immediately makes a what's-that-smell face. Uh oh...we don't see anything leaking through the corduroys (which we discover are surprisingly resilient) but up the rest of the shirt and through the sweater...yep...he pooed on Santa's lap. No wonder Santa is grimacing in the picture...he's probably like "get this stinker off my lap!" I feel like the only way he is escaping loads of coal in his stocking was because he left Santa unscathed. Thank goodness!!!

Regardless, I would definitely add this to the list of things to do for baby's first Christmas. Recommended advice: bring a change of clothes. Most importantly, enjoy the time with your little one.