Friday, December 16, 2011

Keep Certifications Up-To-Date

In my first post, I talked about how I left my job to move to a new state with my husband. Just to elaborate a little, after bouncing through a number of different career tracks, I finally ended up as a teacher in the District of Columbia. While I worked there I got my Master's in Math Education and my teaching certificate. Since then, I moved to a new state and my teaching certificate needs to be updated.

While I'm not really planning on using it I think it's important for it stay current because if I let it get out-of-date, it's just going to be one more barrier to my re-entry of the job market. I know a lot of jobs out there require some sort of license-blah-blah...just keep it updated because even though it feels pointless and a hassle now, its going to be super annoying later when you have to meet new/all of the requirements because you let it lapse.

Now that I have successfully passed my CPR and First Aid Training I can send in all of my transcripts and paperwork and hopefully I am good to go on being certified! My goal is to get it into the mail by then end of the day. Wish me luck.