Monday, February 6, 2012

Top o' the Fridge to Ya: how a little project can make a big difference!

I hope I'm not the only person this happens to because I am slightly embarrassed, but yesterday I opened our freezer door and like three things fell on my head. It must have been a sign because I had been trying to decide what to organize for my February Action Item, since January's was a bust

This little project was the perfect way for me to make a BIG difference, for two reasons. 

#1 Organizing isn't about tackling a whole room, it's about taking each individual (small) space and creating a system for it. Organizing the kitchen could take forever and would be impossible to do during a nap but the top of the fridge is a perfect nap time project that produces immediate results and will encourage you to take on more little projects.

#2 I was tired of getting hit in the head.

Since having the baby the top of our fridge has been this enormous catch-all for the things we don't know where to put or don't want to leave out on the counters, which is why it looks like this:

First, I completely emptied the space and wiped it down, clean-slate style. 

Then, I put everything I needed back onto the fridge, like the dog treats and the tray.

Next, I had to got through all of the piles of stuff I had pulled off the top o' the fridge.

 I ended up taking everything and splitting it into three piles: keep, give, trash. For all the "keeps," I put them into some extra tuppers I had and labeled it. I used post-its to ID where all my "gives" were going. Trash...well, thats obv.

I managed to find some quite interesting specimens up there too: like an expired box of altoids, an antique garlic press and masher, a ton of old take-out silverware and chop sticks, and some sterling silver Onieda silverware from 1982 that was still in plastic bags (things my mom gives me as she cleans out her house.)

And here is the final result, Top o' the Fridge to Ya!

Here is the comparison of how this little project, made a big difference:


P.S. - So I need to start gathering inspiration for March: what little projects have you been tackling around your house this month?

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