Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Not-So-Hot January Goals Report

Since it's the last day of the month I want to take some time to check back in on my E&E Action Items and see how I've been doing.

This month has been positively crazy: my son and I had our first solo flight to FL, I quit my job, I spent a LOT of time doing goal setting and strength finding, and we had a really scary 911 call and trip to the ER.

And as far as my Action Items are concerned, to be honest, I did not do so hot. So now is the time to evaluate, and I'm basically going to commit to keeping it, drop it, or change it.

So let's review.

Below is a picture of the employable section of my action items.

Attend one networking event.
I checked off "networking event" because of my goal setting workshop. It may seem like I'm just fudging it into the networking category, but in my definition of networking, just going out and meeting people who have the same interests as you, just for the sake of being social is going to count, because shoot - I just need some adult conversations. COMMIT.

Exchange contact information.
So this I didn't do. I actually kind of don't think I will ever do this unless I were to go to one of those cheesy meet-and-greet networking events. I'm not even really sure where I intend to go with this goal but I'm not loving it. DROP. 

Create an online portfolio.
So in reflection of this goal, having this blog is really where I am going to be documenting skills and so what I really need to be doing with this goal is learning a new blog skill per month. CHANGE: Learn a new blog skill.

Volunteer somewhere new.
I feel really badly about not meeting this goal because I thought this would be a slam dunk because I do volunteer a lot! Oh well, this month was a wash. COMMIT.

Take a class.
I checked this box off because of my strength finders class and I've come to realize that the networking event and this action item are very similar, which to me is fine. As long as I learn something at one and talk to people at the other, which in this case I did both, it doesn't really matter how it gets labeled. However, I don't know why I thought this would be so hard that I needed 6 months to do it, so CHANGE: monthly.

Learn how to do something financial.
Another really vague goal that wasn't accomplished, which is why I should reflect on my goal setting advice and make them SMART. I'm not sure where I am going with this either. No surprise, DROP.

My enjoyable action items turned out slightly better...albeit still an F.

Read an employable book.
I read Living Your Strengths. However, I think I am going to move this goal out of Enjoyable and into  Employable, because to me something enjoyable would be the last book of the Hunger Games which keeps getting rotated through my library book cue because I never get to it. CHANGE.

Read an enjoyable book.
I'm disappointed I never made it to this, will work harder. COMMIT

Try a new recipe.
Biscuits, done! COMMIT

Take baby to a new place.
New place, sheesh...we flew to a whole new state! COMMIT

Organize a different part of my house.
I will do this. COMMIT

Complete a home project.
We got our basement insulted this month! Hurrah! COMMIT

Since I dropped/moved some action items, I'm also going to add some new ones for this upcoming month.

So here is to February!


P.S. - I'd love to here your January progress reports! Comment, tweet, or email!

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