Sunday, January 1, 2012

Blogging into the New Year

I've been doing a lot of blog reading, even more so since I started my own. Sans work, I don't get the same interaction with people and perspectives that I used to; blogging and reading blogs has enabled me to create a community around my interests. Even though I've never met some of these people just reading their writing has really inspired me to try new things and examine my life and career. Maybe you will find a new interest, your mommy project, or just appreciate life more. As a SAHM it's going to be important to maintain your sense of self in all that raising-a-family work. For the New Year, I'm going to challenge you to try some of these blogs and find some of your own to share with me.

These blogs were chosen because they offer quality content that is relevant and inspiring to me and what is going in my life right now. They are a random smattering of things that I am interested in, (they actually align pretty well with my E&E Skills Breakdown.) Some are just starting up and some are well established, but they all offer great perspectives. I can't wait to see what they have to offer in 2012!

Here they are, in alphabetical order:

Alexis Grant, The Traveling Writer
This has been my most recent find and I have truly enjoyed the wonderful life/career break/blog advice that Alexis provides.

Capitol Hill Style
I spent some time in DC and will be returning in a few years, so I find some of the commentary and career advice highly entertaining and engaging, but I also like the fashion recommendations. Belle gives styles and products in a range of prices for all occasions on the Hill. (She must have a really similar style to myself because I love it.)

Eat Live Run
Fun stories and FABULOUS recipes with REAL ingredients (i.e. not a can of artificial who-knows-what but also not something I've never heard of and have to order online or get at a specialty store.)

iheart Organizing
Let's be honest, the title says it all. This blog is super functional and pretty. Love it.

Make It and Love It
I love all the projects in this blog. I don't sew but Ashley certainly inspires me to try! I seriously want to get a sewing machine (maybe a 2012 project?)

Merrick's Art
A fantastic fashion blog for the SAHM. Merrick encourages you to refashion whats already in your closet and to find great pieces at a reasonable price while being totally trendy. (Another blog that is doing a great job making me want to sew.) She also has an art site for her paintings which are fantastic.

Penelope Trunk Blog
This woman is ridiculously blunt and open about life and work. Funny and very refreshing.

Things After the Rings
A great blog about being a newlywed and all of the life things that come along with it.

Young House Love
I too have an old house that needs lots of work (we have a milk door) but this is just a great blog for any home DIYer. Plus pretty pictures.


P.S. - Now that you know what I like - send me your blog recommendations!


  1. Thanks for listing my blog, Jordan! Since my focus for January is "household organization" I clicked over to iheart Organizing and I'm hooked. There are so many good things here. Thanks for sharing!

    I like Capitol Hill Style too. If only I could get Belle to be my personal shopper...

  2. Love your blog, Jordan! Great niche, and one I can very much appreciate personally. And thanks for sharing some of your favorite blogs (I'm already a huge fan of Young House Love, Penelope Trunk, Eat Live Run, and iheart Organizing), it's usually ones that are personally recommended that have staying power in my Google Reader.