Friday, January 27, 2012

My Pediatrician Finally Told Me I Am a Good Mom

This specific comment has been resonating with me so much since our visit to the doctor on Wednesday, per our visit to the hospital on Tuesday, that I had to post about it.

In the past 8 months I've come to learn that my pediatrician is NOT warm and fuzzy, which I know is a really weird quality in a pediatrician, and I've almost switched ped's multiple times because of her harsh tones. But after our visit on Wednesday, I've come to somewhat respect her harsh opinions, especially because once she doles out a compliment it feels extra good.

After the 911 call and the hospital visit were relatively inconclusive, I felt really doubtful that I had made the right call. If you look at my son right now, or when we were at the hospital, other than some minor congestion and some VERY infrequent coughing you would assume he was perfectly healthy. (He was  laughing and playing.) When the emergency response team or the hospital staff (who were all truly awesome otherwise) kept asking me, "is this your first?" It really drives me nuts; just because I have never had a child before doesn't mean that I can't correctly problem shoot a situation.

Not to compare my child to my car but this always happens to my car. I'll hear a rattling, the car wont start, I'll take it to the shop, they don't hear or feel anything and then I get smacked with a whopping bill, all for nothing! It makes me feel like an idiot! My son's coughing fit was truly one of the scariest things I have experienced and when things come up inconclusively, I feel questioned about my ability to make the right call.

So here is what my pediatrician said, and I really do think it's basically the best thing she could have said at the time: "I'm really glad you called 911, it sounds like you avoided the situation escalating." That's when it hit me, when would the right time to call 911 be!? Was I supposed to wait until his face turned blue? Heck no. Had I not called, anything could have happened and I'm just glad that I didn't risk it.


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