Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Get Out of the House Week: Day 2, Challenges Already?!

I seriously almost abandoned my week long mission this morning.

My son woke up, ridiculously congested and drooling a ton. At first we though he might be sick, but he was happy as a clam and had no temp, so we kind of deduced that he must be teething.

At 10am, I had planned for us to go to a baby playgroup at the library. When he went back down, he didn't wake up until 9:30am. (I'm not one to wake a sleeping baby, regardless of what I have "scheduled.") So I was racing around to feed, change, and dress him so we could make it on time. (It's only an hour long program and there is a story and music in the beginning.)

We left the house late, which sucked because when we got to the library, parking was ridiculous. There is usually at least one spot in the lot, but it was packed, and we had to go down the street and around the corner. We missed half the program but the half an hour we were there was worth it. It was great to catch up with some moms I haven't seen in a while and meet some new ones.

I'm also glad that I made it out this morning because I did not make it to my evening event. About 15 minutes after my son finished eating dinner (carrots and blueberries with oatmeal,) he started to cough. At first it was just normal baby cough but within five minutes it turned into a violent hacking and vomiting that lasted for another 15 min. After ten minutes I was majorly freaked out and called the Doctor who told me to call 911 if I thought he wasn't able to catch his breath. So we did. I was terrified.

The police, fireman, and ambulance arrived so fast. By then his coughing had returned to a somewhat normal cough but he was still trying to catch his breath and his eyes and face were still beet red. They pulled out an air breathing machine and he played with it and his face returned to its normal color. We decided to drive to the hospital ourselves instead of take the ambulance.

The hospital quarantined us for pertussis because there have been a number of recent outbreaks, more so in kids who are up-to-date on their vaccines, like my son. We are waiting for the results to come back. I honestly never would have thought he was sick because even at the hospital he was in good spirits, laughing and smiling.

Tomorrow's outing will probably be to the Doctor. 


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