Monday, March 12, 2012

Feed Read: Travel on Baby!

While I'm nursing my son, I get about 3-5 min where I can just sit and read. Every week, I'm going to start you off with a Feed Read: a couple of links to sites that I enjoyed and would recommend to you whenever you get your own five minutes during the day.

We're on the road again this week, so here's a few reads about traveling with baby.

How to Survive a Road Trip with Kids: don't forget a car game, stickers, and lots of toys - (oh, and maybe some candy and bribery.)

This is INGENIOUS! Lost child - check for tattoo. Or if you just love temp tats...check out these awesome designer ones.

Try some of these cool baby travel essentials (plus some for you too!)

Advice for flying sanely with a newborn.

Our pack and play is super heavy and bulky so one of our friends who has this recommended we try it.



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