Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mom Moments: Exploring For Kids (and Moms)

Looking back at all the pics I snapped in the last week, it really hit me how many little moments provide my son with an opportunity to explore his world.

1. While in DC, we explored the Playseum, a huge used childrens book/toy store with tons of things for kids to do. While my son was too little for most of the activities there, he got a huge kick out of banging these marrocos against a drum that was about the size of him. I actually didn't realize this place existed until I happened to be exploring on google, and it was a good find!

2. Now that the weather is nice we've been exploring playgrounds! And we've learned that somebody really likes the swings.

3. My son LOVES to play with his socks, and he loves to clap. He usually tries to clap with a sock in his hand and so while I was changing him I stuck 'em on. I've never seen him so amazed while he explored his socked hands and it reminded me that the littlest change can create an entirely new experience for him.

4. I got a chance to explore a kids consignment sale - and got this Children's Place polo (new with tags) for $1! Hurrah!


P.S. - What have you and your little one been exploring lately? Have you been consigning lately - any great finds?

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