Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mom Moments (and a Rant on Smoking Near Children)

Our crazy travel schedule is starting to wind to a close. While it's been nice to enjoy the city (and I CANNOT.WAIT. to move back) I am excited to leave behind all the smokers. I never realized it before but there are a TON of smokers in DC! While the act of smoking isn't a soapbox issue for me (it's your life) the WHERE really irks me.

Today I parked in the special section of "expecting mothers, infants, and young children." (I've always wanted to take advantage of rockstar parking!) When we came out to our car a woman was idling in our section (sans children) with all her windows down, smoking!

Now, I don't care if you choose to park in the expectant spot if you are not expecting - it's not nice but it's not illegal, so whatevs. I also don't care if you choose to smoke. However, the combination of smoking in an area where kids going to be around - really bothers me. AND this isn't my only example - like playgrounds, why would you choose to smoke at a PLAYGROUND! Ridiculous.

Regardless, of my little rant on smoking near children, we had a FABULOUS time, with some FANTASTIC weather. We spent a ton of time outside enjoying it!

 1. We visited the U.S. Botanical Gardens, which was very stroller friendly. Baby loved trying to touch all the leaves.

2. I thought this was weird but it's been so cold where we are that this was baby's first time playing in the grass! He LOVED playing with the sticks; oh the joys of boys.

3. I wasn't sure what the age limits were for real kid swings but we did it, and I pushed him (but not too hard - he's only 9m.)

4. Lastly, baby LOVED the mirror on the elevator ceiling. Not sure if you can see it but there is a BIG smile on that little face.

I hope where ever you are you get a chance to enjoy the wonderful spring weather this weekend!


P.S. - Think I'm going overboard about the smoking thing? Let me know below or just feel free to share your thoughts!

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  1. I totally agree with smoking around children. And the fact that DC seems to be a smoking town, but thanks goodness you can't do it in bars or restaurants anymore! That was the worst.