Thursday, March 22, 2012

SAHM Style: Cleaning Out My Closet

My favorite detail on my pastel purple pants (still new w/tags)
Just to catch you up on this issue: I sort of realized how much stuff I have that I no longer use. It started with just clothing, while I was pulling out my summer shorts, but it quickly evolved into all of my old teaching supplies and other work related things.

I'm not planning on going back to teaching right now or in my near future so I should really get rid of all my materials. Plus, I have about a bazillion button-ups that I don't wear anymore, so that too. In addition to work clothes, I have stuff I used to wear out on the town when we lived in the city and the reality's not my lifestyle AT ALL anymore. However, I am having a really really HARD time getting rid of stuff from my former life (especially the work stuff.)

In googling around (my answer for all of life's problems) I found this mini online quiz that basically told me "you need to just MOVE ON!" (I basically answered true to everything.)

1 of the 4 denim skirts I own; I loved this one.

But I have so many good reasons excuses to keep things


Faux Snakeskin Dress from F21 - new w/tags!
Some of my clothes (that I didn't buy on sale) I would say, "I paid a lot for this and didn't meet my goal price per wear!" And then some of them...are just junk that I never ill fitting Forever 21 dresses that still have tags on them. I was surprised how many things that I got "on sale" that still have tags on them because while the price was right...the item was not. Obviously not a good deal in the long run.


Emotional Attachment

I also attach distinct memories to my clothes, like my favorite 7 denim skirt from college. (I swear I was probably this girl.) These clothes made me feel good about myself and I assumed that whenever I decided to put them back on again I would feel the same.


What Finally Worked

Too short, short sleeve button up.
At first I looked at my clothes and saw them as a part of me and my past memories but when I started trying stuff on, I realized my clothes do not fit correctly for my body and for my lifestyle! Too big, to small, to long, to short - what was I thinking not getting some of them tailored?! and how did I wear skirts (and shirts) that short?! I put on one pair of too short-flare pants and I looked ridiculous. My husband said he never noticed before (he must really love me) but now that I've pointed it out too him...well we both could not stop laughing.

I still kind of think this is cute, just not for me
Getting rid of things because of my lifestyle change was easy, work things were harder. I have a lot of stuff that needs to be tailored majorly overhauled, and it isn't worth the expense just to haul it around for the next two years. So I selected a few things to keep: two pant suits that need just a little hem, two skirts, one suit dress, some neutral button ups and two in my favorite colors. A bunch of things like sweaters, cardigans, blazers, and silk blouses I'm holding on to because they pair great with jeans. However, I was selective; I really considered how well it fit, if I actually wore it, or if it had been worn beyond repair. Overall, if I got called into a job interview on Monday, aced it, and had to start working the next day, I could hold off on a shopping trip until the weekend.

So bye-bye ruffled denim skirt, midriff baring lace top, purple pastel pants, all of my flared work pants, two suits (both two sizes to big,) red button-up, blue button-up, white sleeveless button-up, and so much more!!!

I'm preparing my next post on where they all my clothes are going and what I'm planning to do with all my professional resources - so check back!


P.S. - How long have you held on to clothes that you no longer use? This is so sad but my oldest item is an Old Navy Performance Fleece that is a kids size 14...I didn't even realize I still had it!

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