Monday, March 5, 2012

Feed Read: It's All About the Money

I swear I collect articles, blogs, apps, websites, etc.  (Figures, since I do have learner and input!) I usually find these things while I'm nursing my son and I get about 3-5 min where I sit and peruse my phone and explore links that I've been meaning to try out. My bookmark list is pages and pages long of things I want to try or recommend or just generally post about and at the rate I'm going, I might never get around to it. So instead, every week, I'm going to start you off with a Feed Read: a couple of links to sites that I enjoyed and would recommend to you whenever you get your own five minutes during the day.

This week my Feed Read has a theme - articles to help you save, spend, and earn some dough.

How much will your kids cost you? million dollars!

I was SHOCKED to learn the dirty tricks of outlet malls.

Find people to help you be better, or make some Benjamins helping others be better.

Another great SAHM opportunity - online freelancing: get gigs doing what you do best when you do it best. (Update: I tried it out here.)

Resources and a great plan for debt payment: here.



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  1. Love the new series!

    Betterist is such a great resource. Looking forward to exploring it more. Thanks for sharing.