Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Not a Make Money From Home Scam

I searched our house high and low just to find enough to take this picture.
A few weeks ago I posted some recommended reading for career breaking, and in it was this article with suggestions about financially preparing for a career break. I thought all of the suggestions were pretty interesting but one of the ones that resonated with my SAHM-break was freelancing through an internet marketplace like Elance. (And I also re-posted the link in yesterday's feed read.

Elance is a digital freelancing site that allows you to make a profile and bid for jobs in a variety of categories like: IT, Design, Writing, Sales, Admin, Finance, the list goes on. What is really neat about it, is that all the work you do is from home and you can choose to work on projects based around your schedule (and what you agree on with your client.) This could be a perfect naptime project, mommy business, or a way to keep your skills up. And it's not one of those scammy ads: "make money from home."

I decided to try it out myself the other day.

First thing you do when you get to their site and sign-up is design a profile, this took me an entire naptime to complete (it was a shorter nap and there is a LOT to explore.) The site is packed with resources, including skills tests you can take that correlate to each industry, and after you take one it gives you a proficiency score that you can display on your profile. I thought that might be cool to take just to know where I stand. I tried one of the easier ones, I think it was called "phone skills." Somehow I got one or two wrong because I got around a 90%...oops. I also submitted two proposals and so I'm excited to hear back if I got the jobs. I just submitted for two little jobs that I thought sounded interesting and that I could get done within a nap or two.

I was actually pretty impressed by how easy it was and how little time it took to submit a proposal. Essentially, this site is a legit way to make some cash on the side, get some experience for your resume, and network.  Perfect for the SAHM.


P.S. - I didn't get paid for this or anything, this is just me trying out something and offering advice! Let me know what you think!


  1. I'll be following to hear how your experience goes. I'm a PT SAHM that pieces together a mostly FT income through 3 days a week of freelancing. It's been a perfect balance for our family so far, but sometimes exhausting to schedule. Best wishes! - Amber from

    1. Thanks! Wow - it's great to hear that freelancing works out well for you! (BTW - your blog is awesome!)

  2. Thank you so much for this post - great to know! I'm a SAHM but we're cruising into our savings every month, so if I could earn a little during naptime that'd be perfect - I'm going to check this out for sure!

    1. Great! I'd love to hear how it goes!